Sleep/Dream Learning

It’s happened twice, or probably many times but two instances where I have a clear memory of what I learnt in the dream.

Have you ever fallen asleep while listening to an audiobook? Or listening to a podcast? Something similar along the lines of lucid dreaming, which I experience often when I fall asleep listening to stuff. In those dreams however, I know that I fell asleep listening to whatever I am at that time and be able to use that to shape my own dreams. Or influence the dream via whatever I happen to be listening to.

However, in these instances, it was just a dream, a dream where I am dreaming and, the podcast sets the stage for the dream and shapes it.

The first time it happened I was just an observer, the host and the guest on the stage. I am the only person in the audience and watching the show live. I had the dream probably, because I recognise the voices so well, that I was able to picture them in my dream. Or the voices and content that I can relate to perhaps took shape in my dream. I didn’t dream the complete podcast both times, just the bits perhaps that I could relate to most or probably something my subconscious wanted to hear most. Hmm, writing it down made me realise this, I never thought much of it before, never particularly thought why I would hear just part of the podcasts and not the rest. This seems to make more sense now. Trying to find links for the podcast so I can tell the whole story ha-ha.

The podcast’s called Work Life with Adam Grant and the first episode I saw in my dream was How to Love Criticism. The bit that I saw in my dream is where Adam Grant is having a conversation with Ray Dalio, I am standing as the only person in audience and listening to their conversation, the stage is dimly lit, with curtains folded to both sides, there’s two chairs in the centre of the stage about 4 metres apart, there is a drum set behind the chairs, aligned perfectly in the middle. No one is playing the drums, but the music is on, now and then. The discussion is obviously about Ray’s idea of meritocracy and how to respond to criticism in a positive way. Using the criticism to improve your decisions, ideas and thinking.

The second podcast which I dreamt about earlier is once more Work Life with Adam Grant but a different episode. Bonus: Relationships at Work with Esther Perel. In this dream, I fell asleep listening to the latest episode, but when this episode came on, my dream begun. Esther was the mother, Adam Grant looked like a college graduate and I was a small kid around 9-10 years old but with the same intellect and wisdom I hold as an adult. Not trying to praise myself here ha-ha, but for some reason I seemed to be thinking of responses to their discussions in my head and listening intently. Esther was having a discussion with her children and for some reason I only remember Adam Grant’s college version, her other two kids were sitting in the circle somewhere in the background. I was sitting at the place where the discussion was happening. The surroundings were well known to me from my childhood. Adam was racing around talking and Esther was calmly listening to him. Mind you, I mostly, listen to the podcasts at 1.30x speed, maybe that was the reason Adam was racing around. I even had a sense that we belonged to different communities and that we were sitting having an intellectual and helpful discussion- Esther being Adam’s mom in the dream. I have never heard or listened to her before, but thinking about it now, I see why she appeared as a young Mom in the dream probably in her late 30s or early 40s. I think the ages in the dream denotes the level of wisdom for each person according to the discussion that is ongoing. Hence why, I was a kid with the least wisdom when compared to Adam and Esther. Haha so I wasn’t really praising myself, rather acknowledging my level of wisdom and intellect. 35 mins into the podcast, I woke up and realised I was listening to the podcast and I had fallen asleep. So, I looked to see which episode it was on and who the speakers were. Listening to the rest of it till the end, wide awake, I could make sense of why the dream appeared in such a form. It was like a therapy session from wise mother giving advice about relationships, trust and admitting the wrongs and all the good stuff. I even remembered my responses that I was thinking of in my head in the dream. Hahaha

I think because I have read a lot of their work and listened to their books, that’s the reason, I can learn from them even when I am sleeping. Have you ever had a similar learning experience? It’ll be cool to hear of your dream learning experience.

Until next time,

Sweet dreams

Each one, Teach one

There’s a famous saying, teach an individual how to fish and they can learn to survive. Food is essential to survive. 

Similarly, dreams are essential to grow. The bigger your dream, the more one has the potential to grow. Why am I writing this? 

I find it essential to differentiate myself but at the same time, be able to lend a helping hand in many of the possible ways. This difference I guess stems from the deep desire for knowledge, learning, growing and improving. If you want to grow and step out of your comfort zone, continue reading…

 In this world where information is easily accessible within seconds, knowing where to look, how to filter, what to learn, from who are all very significant. I believe in sharing knowledge or at least guiding people to the right way so that they can reach their potential.

Yet, the world may not reflect this. We live in a world where greed, inequality, poverty and other vices are part of the norm!

Well, it is a sad reality! A reality that many of us wake up to everyday and few of us do anything to change it. 

Let me ask you this, can you help someone if you can’t help yourself! It’s how you perceive your surroundings! A good act, as small as helping an elderly person cross the road, holding the door open for someone or smiling a happy smile at someone. Why did I say a ‘happy smile’? People can smile out of mockery or just a half-hearted or forced smile. 

Smile from your heart and that’s the smallest of the help you can give to another person. Does this really work? Have I made you think? Do you have to think this one? Please! Hopefully we are on the same page 🙂 

I will touch on consumerism and contentment. What is contentment? A state of being where an individual is living in joy and patience with the little or abundance they have! Being balanced. Not restricting yourself! On the contrary, I mean that you should strive to improve, think and grow rich, yet persevering and still enjoying the pursuit of chasing your dream. Contentment is momentary for many of us- therefore we must centre ourselves to prolong its momentum and let it not be a fleeting moment. The true richness is the richness of the heart. A heart free of effects of consumerism, envy, hate and other negative emotions.

It may sound like I am extremely content and have a lot of patience. I still struggle, I still centre myself each time I feel different or find myself in trouble. 

The reality is, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. True for the majority by just knowing and understanding how wealth is created, understanding different mindsets. Different ways of thinking! Understanding yourself before you understand others! Yes, I just said that. I really did! One of my favourite poems

Imitating others,  

I failed to find myself. 

I looked inside and discovered 

I only knew my name.  

When I stepped outside 

I found my real Self.   – Rumi

Peer pressure, trend following, social conformity, being able to associate yourself to a tribe or community or a group of people. All of this comes to my mind when I just read it. However, the true meaning of this stanza written by the famous 13th century poet, philosopher, jurist! A man known to walk the path of self-purification and spreading love, is to look deep within your heart and know whether your higher level you and lower level you are aligned as put by Ray Dalio in his famous work Principles. Or as put by Professor Steve, managing the chimp to be in sync with your computer! 

I like to think of this similarly but through the understanding of the sources of thoughts, ego, prefrontal cortex, the amygdala and gut instinct. All aligned with the Superego! I have mentioned this in my blog Secrets of the Self!

I have touched upon a lot of subjects- I want to keep this article as thought provoking and giving my broad perspective on how I look at things. So, what I mean is, consumerism although good for the economy because one man’s spending is another’s income. It can be devastating for those who are trapped in the vicious cycle of social conformity, trend following and going broke just to buy someone a present. More than gifts, although on occasions they are meaningful- I believe wishing good for someone weighs heavier than buying materialistic things to satisfy and be part of the trend following and stuff like that.

If any of this resonates with you leave a comment on where you would like me to navigate this. I am very spontaneous when it comes to blogging and just type my mind out loud pretty much! So always open to suggestions!

Feel free to ask me anything and if I can help you with it. I will! I always tell people that most of us have it in us. A little helping hand or push in the right direction is what many of us need to kickstart our journeys/careers/pursuit of our dreams! I have learnt this through tutoring others and being a student myself.