Denied or Denial

Why did I even come up with this name for the blog? This was a couple months back. To be precise I wrote the title of the blog per my drafts on 15th October 2020. What did I want to write then? I can’t really recall lol

But what can I write about this topic now? In this moment, when thinking of these words the first image that comes to mind is that of a judge. A judge listens to both sides of an argument of the party in question and draws conclusion by how well their arguments are presented. The party who may willingly/ unwillingly plead guilty thinks they are denied, hence sometimes they can also be in denial. Perhaps denying the truth or perhaps refuting the lies, maybe denied blessings, hopes and opportunities. Maybe denied hardships and trials that they cannot see unfolding. There is only one True Judge. The True Judge must be just beyond all comprehension. The one that brings all to light. The hidden and manifest, the seen and unseen. What is spoken of and what is kept secret.

Why did I write, “Denied or Denial ” as the title of the blog? Was I thinking about worldly life? Or was I thinking of spirituality? If I were to think from the perspective of spirituality, and the word denied- it is a blessing. Deny what the ego wants. There is a famous saying that comes to mind, a spiritual person is grateful for all the blessings the ones received and the ones denied. The human intellect and wisdom draws on past and present and projects onto the future. However, that wisdom and intellect doesn’t know what lies in the future. The wisdom and intellect of a spiritual person has to put all trust, hope and fear to the higher power. To God!

Denial in regards to spirituality in my thought and little knowledge that I hold embodies the lower ego. The id as classified by Freud. Or perhaps the unconscious mind and the shadow self as classified by Jung. The 2 ideas are powerful and as Jung says, if you don’t make what is unconscious conscious, it will dictate your life and you will call it fate. The id and the lower self is a force within the human mind, body and soul that entraps a person in a cycle of unconscious behaviours.

There is much more I can write on this… on and on but at the same time, I think that because what I know is very little, writing perhaps helps me explore the unknown, writing helps me gain wisdom and insights from the lens and pen I hold. It grants me wisdom the way my mind works and thinks. However, reading and listening is what truly opens the door to ideas, possibilities, different perspectives, different ways of seeing things.

Something that just came to my mind, the water that flows can create a path forwards. Even if it meanders to get there.

Why do I say this? In the context of denied and denial; whether looking at it from the perspective of a judge or the parties in question involved or, looking at it through the lens of spirituality. Staleness is what stunts our growth. Stale water eventually becomes a life source for micro organisms, algae and fungi. A person who does not want to grow and lives in denial- can be likened to that stale water. The mind of the person becomes a source and force for denial. Denial in the context of the idea of judge, and denial in the context of id and the shadow self.

A Good Friday

The best day the sun rises is Friday. According to Islamic tradition, Adam and the universe got created on Friday. 

Tomorrow is Good Friday followed by Easter on Sunday. Let’s all come together in solidarity, spread love, remove hatred and work together in these times of global crisis. 

We are not fighting each other during this crisis. Consider this crisis ‘An Alien Invasion’. Covid-19 being the aliens obviously, unless some of you thought otherwise


As much as I would like to believe in Elon Musk’s dreams of colonizing Moon and Mars. Even if we were to make that possible, something like that reminds of Cowboy Bebop. Because if that really happens and once the technology is widely available and affordable. It will be a world full of cowboys. Watch Cowboy Bebop to know what am referring to.

Our earth is the only one we got, unless you believe in multi-verse theory and parallel  universes. Even if that were a reality, there are no facts that prove it is actually possible. E=mc^2 is a theory. Theory of Relativity, where E stands for Energy, M for Mass and C for speed of light, which if my memory serves me right is equal to 3.0× 10^8 m/s. 299 792 458 m/s?? I am going to Google this to make sure haha. I was wrong, didn’t remember it correctly. But, I am not trying to make myself look stupid by blatantly writing out the wrong value there. Duh

Oops ! I couldn’t keep my mouth zipped though. haha or more like, my hands and fingers from typing out my blunder. 

Haha, not really a blunder. My self-worth is still the same despite not being able to recall what the value of speed of light is? 

I once had this crazy thought when I was younger, then my favourite subjects were Physics and Mathematics, to prove to you that I was actually brilliant at Mathematics and Physics, I scored 100% in Mechanics, and averaged 92% in Physics. In Core Mathematics I averaged 95% and Statistics 90% (seems all so long ago). Over a decade, when I was in college and doing A-levels. 

Anyhow, this thought is older than my A-levels days and apparently Einstein had this thought too. Do you see my point that I am trying to get to? 

It’s all about me and how great I am…. muahahaha.

Great minds think alike. 

Oh, too busy mentioning how great I am and what not, I forgot  to relate that thought. So, the silly thought was, ” What if I was a particle of light? Will I transcend Space and Time?” Ok, I just made it sound cool sentencing it that way. My actual thought was, “What if I am able to travel at the speed of light? Will I be able to see particles of light? Will I be able to time travel?” Because, apparently you know, the light that we receive from galaxies far far away, is light from the past, it just takes light years to travel to us. That’s reflected in the make-up of the shift in the spectrum. The wavelengths and what not? I actually can’t believe, how much of my dormant memory I am tapping into. When I started writing this, I thought my memory had turned poor and that I had forgotten most of my A-Levels Physics. Although, that is basic knowledge compared to Theoretical physics, Particle physics, Quantum mechanics, Nuclear physics and what not, I still have a good base and can recall so much of it already. 

I am amazed to be able to recall F=Gm1×m2/r^2, Newtons Law of Gravitational force. F=ma this being the 2nd Law of motion.

Voltage is Directly proportional to I (Current), and thus V=IR 

V is directly proportional to d and thus, V=Hd where H is Hubble’s constant. Doppler Effect. Gotta google this one to make sure if it’s correct haha, after all, I am trying to do my best to look great 😉


Just look at my approval ratings, you seen how well have I done so far, recalling those difficult formulae? Oh, I was right this time. Well, you gotta take my word for it, otherwise why would I have not done the same, when I was wrong recalling 299 792 458 m/s? 

I am giving you obvious reasons to put your trust in my writing. Or am I writing to make you trust me? 

Haha, don’t worry, this is not Cowboy bebop and I am not here to tell you my tragic backstory. I never died 10 years ago and was frozen and preserved like a pharaoh to be revived in 2019. Or did I? 

Hmmm, maybe I have an agenda to spread. A propaganda to sell. Shall I reveal my Trump card? 







That was literally my Trump card, Don’t sue for copyright, pleaseeee !! Except the hair and face is not orange hahaha. Just in case, image by

My Lord! I don’t even remember why I started writing this blog???🤔 Let me go back to the top and read, that must have been the reason to write out the blog.

Ok! back to the topic of the blog, at this point all I wanted to say is, let’s make this Friday a Great Friday and spread love, no propagandas, no agendas, no ulterior motives, no germs, no coronaviruses and definitely no aliens. haha

I usually don’t like to brag, especially my good deeds but maybe, just this once, it may inspire some of you to do extra good too. If anything go beyond it and feed a whole lot of hungry people. According to our tradition, it is said, the best of you are those who feed the hungry. Another tradition mentions, the best of you are those, who are most beneficial to others.

I went out to grab some thing to eat earlier. While, in the takeaway shop, a man asked me for money. My reply, “What for?”(In a polite way). He said, food. So I replied, “Order it, and I will pay,” he thanked me after getting the food and said that he will pay me back someday. I smiled back and replied, “My reward is with the Creator who sustains us all, just pay it forward.” He left happy, which in turn made me happy.

I hope you all don’t forget the needy and the hungry and the less fortunate this Easter. Because I am telling you, Ramadan is only a month away and there won’t be a hungry person on road anywhere, because 1) most of us will be fasting and, 2) we are extra generous during Ramadan because the satan is locked away. This is all of y’all time to get giving and be extra generous 🙂

That said, I wish all those celebrating Easter a good one. Get together but remember to stay 2 metres apart and 2 meters apart for my fellows and readers who spell it that way haha.

Until next week,

I leave you with a question

What is 1 + 1= ?