Body, Soul and The Mind

Image: Samurai Art I search the vastness,The deep recesses of my mind.I close my eyes, but it only turns me blind.Staring in this void,No answers I can find.An epiphany occurs,The pieces of puzzle I must bind,Body, Soul and the mind.So, I plunge in my heart, I heard that’s where the Soul resides.The darkness rings a […]

Body, Soul and The Mind

لا دینی ولاطینی کس پیچ میں الجھا تو

(Zarb-e-Kaleem-197) La Deeni-o-La Teeni, Kis Paich Mein Uljha Tu

La Deeni-o-La-Teeyni, Ks Paich Mein Uljha Tu
Daru Hai Zaeefon Ka ‘La Ghaliba-Illah Hu’

Secularism and Latin script! What a meaningless controversy!
The panacea for the weak is: Naught is powerful except God.

Sayyad-e-Maani Ko Yourap Se Hai Naumeedi
Dilkash Hai Faza, Lekin Be-Nafah Tamam Aahu

Those interested in spirit are despaired of Europe;
The atmosphere there is pleasant but its deer is without musk.

Be Ashak-e-Sehargahi Taqweem-e-Khudi Mushkil
Ye Lala-e-Paikani Khaushtar Hai Kinar-e-Ju

Khudi hardly becomes strong without morning tears:
This arrow‐shaped tulip can well grow by the riverside.

Sayyad Hai Kafir Ka, Nachcheer Hai Momin Ka
Ye Dair-e-Kuhan Yani Butkhana-e-Rang-o-Bu

This old tavern, the world of smell and colour,
Is the hunter of the unbeliever but the prey of the believer.

Ae Sheikh, Ameeron Ko Masjid Se Nikalwa De
Hai Un Ki Namazon Se Mehraab Tursh Aabru

O Shaykh, get these rich people out of the mosque!
The niche is sour‐faced at their prayers!

Allama Iqbal- poet of the East.

The Final Conversation With the Speechless Boy- A Disability Story

Noor has departed from this world. He shines on in the next. The last 6 months had been difficult because his health kept deteriorating.

Due to other ventures my visits also turned less frequent. It gave me a lot of joy at the fact that he used to smile often when he heard my voice.

I was there to see him on his last day. I had a strong feeling that it was his last few hours remaining. I felt a strong presence of light all around him. Angels were waiting for the moment to wrap his soul with the martyr’s robes. He was a warrior to the end.

His soul rests ever untainted, his resurrection too will signify purity. A sound heart!

What was my last conversation with Noor about? I reminded him that these were the best 10 days and the final month of the year, Dhul hijjah. His desire to reject eating and drinking signified his will to fast these last days of his life. His desire? It would be rather proper to say his forbearance.

Our last conversation were prayers. I prayed for him and I hoped that he did for me. He was silent through out it all. But I knew he could hear me. Why was I the last person besides his family to be with him in his last moments? I don’t know the answer to this. Why was it that his last moments were written on the day that I visited him? I am still pondering over the time I spent with him, caring for him.

What lessons were there to learn for me? What was he trying to teach me? He tried his best to elevate me. I hope that some of those experiences go on to stay with me. Looking after him was like feeding my soul, guiding it. Now he is no more, and my ravenous soul may dry up. I am seeking an anchor to keep my soul centred. I am seeking light. It is easy to wander in darkness, it takes courage to be the warrior of light.

His body looked at peace in shrouds. A sort of smile on his face. It reminded me of these verses:

يا ايتهاالنفس المطمئنة. ارجعى إلى ربك راضية مرضية. فادخلي في عبدي. وادخلي جنتي.