Another post- reflections

It seems like it’s been ages since my last post.

Saying that I am an unfinished product or a work in progress is an understatement.

On the contrary, every time I lose focus; I lose my bearings. Finding my compass each time gets easier but the obstacles still linger. Those pesky things are ready to come at me at all moments. If I leave myself unchecked and unaccountable, I deviate from my rules based approach or principles that allow me to stick the process.

However, each time I can feel that I am nearing towards removing the froth and learning to hold gems in this continuous space for self-development and self-discovery. This is despite the fact that I have made big mistakes.

As humans there are so many biases built in us, it’s very difficult to sometimes stay objective and be  present. These pesky biases and our own ego and unconscious mind work against us. It is like a ceiling that always has room to go one level up every time you get near it or pierce through it.

A lot of what I write is like a constant stream of thoughts just put forward in a new way or through a different perspective. Like most of what I wrote above I can recall discussing similar ideas in my previous blogs. Cup of Knowledge and Secrets of Self.

I have never mentioned the perspective that I take on the sources of thoughts. I have written about it elsewhere but not here. I take a traditional look at the sources of thoughts. Psychology also has a similar way of putting it together.

In my belief, thoughts that we have stem from our mind, the heart, the soul and our nafs (ego). Understanding which thoughts stem from where is useful knowledge and a great struggle too. It helps unlearn the unconscious behaviours, habits and beliefs we hold. It also helps understand what actions we should take to ensure growth and progress. Being aware of the thoughts in real time is extremely hard. In retrospect however, a lot can broken down in smaller digestible bitesized information.

To put this in context or through way of an example, I want to understand why is it that I am relapsing from my compounding habits that have provided me a solid framework. Meditation, exercise and martial arts. These 3 habits have helped me the most to build up skills such as patience, discipline, grit, perseverance.

There are patterns to be observed in the universe. The northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere night skies. The zodiac belt. Similarly, most of our lives can be seen as a pattern of repeating things occurring over and over again. I am in this moment trying to get an objective view of the last couple of years and limiting factors and beliefs that break this pattern down each time it trends up.

Less is more. This one principle can help me recognise these limiting factors and beliefs before they sabotage me.

This post has been laying in my drafts since Sunday. Consistency can sometimes be a struggle in writing too.

To put things simply… there is an emotional imbalance.

Another key principle that has helped me simplify things is and helped me stay in reality is, “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” James Clear

In addition, this has also helped me adopt a minimalist mindset.

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