James Clear sent this out in his 3 2 1 newsletter, “In a world where information is abundant and easy to access, the real advantage is knowing where to focus.”

Reading this I remembered the meaning of word “insaan”. Humans/man is often referred to as “Insaan” in the Holy Qur’an. One of the meanings of the word ‘insaan’ is “to forget”.

We humans are forgetful.

We forget our purpose in life, and we lose our way.

We forget our own value, and we hesitate to uncover our potential.

We forget our duties to one another, and we end up wronging ourselves and others.

We forget how fortunate we are, so we compare ourselves to others.

We forget what we learn so we practise and learn it over and over.

In these times of crises, we forget to be considerate, kind and loving, so we turn to our darker side.

We forget that situations will stabilise, so we lose control and panic.

The message I want to convey is that, humans are forgetful. We often need reminders. Reminders help us to keep on our paths. Our paths meander like the flow of river, hence why we need reminders. A path that is straight is almost unattainable because humans by very nature are forgetful. So, no matter, what setback you may have had, remind yourself of your purpose in life, renew your goals, set out a new path, light a new fire, seek out the light.

We are ultimately seekers of light. The light guides and darkness leaves you wandering. Another way of looking at it is, yin and yang. What we know and what we don’t know. The explored and unexplored territory. What we don’t know is always greater than what we know. Imagine (yin and yang symbol) the half which is light and a smaller circle which is darkness. This light only grows once we set out in the known territory, exploring it. Light ultimately prevails in this half. This is your mission: to light up the half circle in your life which you can influence and control. If you worry too much about the half which is darkness, you will lose your way, wander aimlessly.

Although, it often happens to most of us that we stumble into the dark half. When there, our hope is still light, a light which is smaller, but which still guides. Hold onto that light and let it guide your way back to where you can set forth on your journey once more.

In this crisis of coronavirus, all of us are in the darkness, there’s more misinformation out there than truth and facts. In these times, collective actions count more. Grab your light and lead the path. We can come out of this together.

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