Woooo weeee 

Leap year 29th Feb. A must post haha

If I were to post once a month, I get February off for 4 years. 11 posts per year. I can live with that :p

If you proposed your beloved on this day, you won’t have to celebrate for another 4 years. 

If you were born today, you can be cheeky and say you age 1 year every 4 years…

I know, I know I am chatting a lot of BS. But what’s fun, if you can’t ignite a little humour. 

I haven’t posted in a while, I wouldn’t say it’s because of laziness this time. It’s just that, I got to adjust my schedule and routine a little better to bring in consistency.  

If you are finding useful information from this blog and especially what you can implement in your own life, because our lives resonate a lot in general and yet we follow our unique journeys.

That’s some deep statement if you were to ponder over it. 

Anyhow: let’s get it started!

One good habit that I am implementing in my day to day life is journaling and tracking process and progress. In simple terms, you can call it the DRC, Daily Report Card.

What do I track in it? I will give you the list, you can tailor it to suit your life, however, what works for me is this : 

Sleep Time: 

Wake up Time: 

Dawn Prayer:


Work out: 

(Here I literally write what I had for the day.)




Sugar intake: 

Caffeine intake: 

What did I do well?

What I didn’t do well? 

Monthly goal:

(Obviously, there’s a lot that I am grateful for, but if you can track and write down 3 things everyday, even if they are the same,  you will generate positivity in your life.)

3 things I am grateful for: 

E.g. 1. the in-breath, 2. the out-breath. (Signifying life and it’s blessings) (I breathe therefore, I exist, hence I give gratitude) 3. eyes that see goodness

This is how I end my daily report card. It acts as a habit tracker for me and helps me focus on the journey and process. 

Give it a go and see for yourself. Allow me to share some ideas, perhaps track things like:

Anger outbursts, ideas generated, water intake, lies you told, cigarettes you smoked or whatever that may suit your life and what you do. 

It’s good to track positives and negatives, if you can stare at your negatives and motivate yourself to eliminate them. What a feat would that be? The key however is to build upon strengths.

Another thing to consider carefully: 

Keep It Super Simple: KISS 

It should be fairly easy to fill in the DRC. I don’t complicate things and if I don’t have something to write in particular space, I leave it blank, if I skip a meal, I note that as skipped.

If I did everything very well, I leave the section “what I didn’t do well” blank. You see, I do things pretty well so that space is  often empty. It makes me feel proud of myself. 

Hahaha, on a second thought, I should add the section: Lies I told: the upper paragraph to be inserted there LOL 

Anyhow, you get the idea. the point is bad habits take time to get rid off and new habits time to stick to.

Until next time, 


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