Meditate this coming year

When you write in many different places, content can start getting lazy and stay in hibernation. The weather is cold and although this time around the year is lively, it is also a time to take a step away from so much noise and consumerism. Did you see what I done? I blamed the content, when it is my own laziness. Words how they come forth, experiences how they are internalised can make a whole lot difference. Word!

In a few minutes or few hours precisely, a new solar year begins as per the Gregorian calendar. A new decade 2020 begins. Will a new sun rise too? Will you take charge of your actions and choices, and rise to the calling?

I hear and listen to the call of an adventure with my eyes wide open! So Many Possibilities, So Many Opportunities!

I am grateful, grateful that I see and find abundance, live it and experience it. Scarcity aside circumstances, is amplified by our choices and mindset. Hence, I write!

I write because words are abundant. They come forth many mediums, experiences, learnings and observations.

I have no new year resolutions. I have goals and targets that I want to achieve, work on and constantly improve. My focus this year is on the process-ingrain them, embrace them and internalise them. I want to make better choices and ask God to guide me. Grant me the wisdom that leads to the best possible path.

Meditate this coming year. One habit that I am going to work on. 5 mins per day.

I spoke about meditations in my last blog. In this I will talk about two different meditation techniques that work very well for me. I am not an expert at this subject, but I can elaborate my experiences well. What I would like you to do is take and work this technique, and tailor it to suit your needs, make it your own.

Technique 1Emptying the mind. Our minds think, observe and process information constantly.

The best time to do this is after an intense work out, lie down, or sit in a relaxed position. Closing the eyes, you focus on the tip of your nose, feel the breath, focus on the inhalation and exhalation. Once you have established the focus on your breath, push out all thoughts and images from your mind. Just breathing in and breathing out. Start from a minute and build up. If you can practise emptying your mind for 5 mins after every work out, your focus and attention compartment in your brain area will also increase. So, as time goes on and this habit ingrained, you can develop better focus and attention to any task at hand.

Technique 2Mindfulness. As a beginner, you might find it hard to meditate. Whether you do or don’t, an easy way to meditate is to follow a guided meditation session. Use the app. I use Mindfulness but there’s also many other free ones like Headspace and Calm. I set it to my desired time, switch the background to waves crashing at the shore.

The rest is just listening and focusing. Breathing is key, as is relaxing and letting go of all negative emotions. Haha, that’s what meditation is supposedly for right? Getting rid of negative emotions! Once a habit though, it will give you more than just that. Zen, ying yang, peace, calmness.

Most valuable of all- focus on the task at hand.

Until my next post,

Be good.

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